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The Lake Chapala Society in Ajijic, Mexico is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the mutual exchange of knowledge, expertise, culture, heritage, language and talents, thereby contributing to the social enrichment of its members as well as the lakeside Mexican community.

Annually, we have almost 3,000 members and associates from nations around the world. For almost 60 years, we have been helping newcomers and old-timers, both full and part-time, to have a more enjoyable and stress-free life here at Lakeside.

In addition to providing social, recreational and educational opportunities for expatriates, the Society also assists the local Mexican community through education in computer technology, English, art, and academic programs, as well as offering an ongoing student aid program and Spanish language library.

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Special Notices:


Children's Art 60th Anniversary Exhibition

Most local residents know about the LCS Children's Art Program. It holds art classes and projects every Saturday morning on the back art patio of LCS. Each week, between 50 and 70 local children take part.

What you might not know is the program's 60-year history – it was started in 1954 by Neill James. It has intimate ties to Lakeside's local artists, their galleries and studios, and the Ajijic Cultural Centre. Many of our best known artists are part of the legacy of the Children's Art Program, having taken part as children. As a result, they received help to pursue art as a career. This help was in the form of encouragement, instruction, practice, and, in some cases, financial aid with their education.

To celebrate this unique milestone, we're holding an exhibition at the Ajijic Cultural Centre. It will show selected work from a collection of children's art from seven decades of the Children's Art Program. There will also be a retrospective featuring more than a dozen well-known local artists who came out of the program as children – they'll be displaying and selling some of their latest work. Details are listed below on the poster...

LCS Children's Art Program 60th Anniversary Exhibition

Experimenta Mexico

On Thursday, October 23rd a trip to Tonala/Tlaquepaque is scheduled.   Only $250 pesos.

Lots of interesting handicraft shopping in Tonala and then onward to the Tlaquepaque pedestrian mall for more handicrafts, clothes, etc from around Mexico. Good restaurants and the female mariachis as well. As an alternative to the plaza in Tlaquepaque, the bus will take you to the Forum mall with Liverpool, Best Buy, Home Depot and others.

We leave from the sculpture in La Floresta at 9 AM and return at 4 PM. Tickets can be purchased in the LCS office Monday thru Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM.

We need more passengers or this trip will be canceled!

Charros Baseball