Health Services

Description Time M T W T F S S Where Who Comments
LCS Blood Pressure Service LCS Blood Pressure testing will begin on 3 March 2023, Fridays from 10am  - 12 noon, taking blood pressures as a community service. If you are active or retired, snowbird or full time RN, LPN, EMT or PA and would like to join our volunteer group, please contact us! x Neill James Veranda Public Activity Contacts: Carole Parriey
Donna Ashwood, 614-105-7238
Cruz Roja Table SUSPENDED Blue Umbrella Patio Public Information on Cruz Roja services available. Emergency kits for medical and health information available for sale.
Activity Contact: Don Fraser
Diabetes Support Group 11:00am  - 12:00pm
First Friday of the month
x ZOOM Public A group to meet, support, and educate on Diabetes management issues.
Activity Contact: Kim Welch MS, RD, CDE
Hospital San Antonio 10:30am  - 12:30pm x Blue Umbrella Patio Public Information concerning available services. Blood Pressure service offered.
Activity Contact: Ana Paula Camacho
376-689-0911 Ext 212
Oir Bien Hearing Services CALL for appointments x x x Hearing Aid Room Public Consultation fee. Other services include hearing aids, repairs, service and supplies of batteries and molds. Call for appointments.
Activity Contact: Blanca Gomez
Optometrist - Claravision APPOINTMENT ONLY
9:00am  - 4:00pm
x Clinic Public
( Sign Up)
Pre-registration required. Call Dra. Zepeda for an appointment, except Thursday. No walk in appointments.
Activity Contact: Dra Luz Zepeda
Riberas Medical Center Tuesdays
10:30am  - 12:30pm
x Blue Umbrella Patio Public Provide general hospital information. Taking vital signs by a nurse for blood pressure, blood sugar, oximetry, heart rate.
Activity Contact: Cinthia Zamora
Shiatsu Chair Massage First and Third Thursdays
10:00am  - 12:00pm
x Pond Patio Members
( Sign Up)
Free 10-minute massage for LCS Members only. Appointments required. Call David at for appointment time. Massage focuses on back, spine, neck, shoulders, arms and hands.
Activity David Herrera Lara
Sky Med 10:00am  - 12:00pm
First Wednesday
x Blue Umbrella Patio Public Emergency Medical services
Activity Contact: Michael D'Agostino

Insurance and Investment

Description Time M T W T F S S Where Who Comments
Finestra Investment Consulting 10:00am  - 1:00pm
3rd Tuesday
x Blue Umbrella Patio Public Activity Contact: Jose Guerrero
IMSS & Immigration Services APPOINTMENT ONLY
10:00am  - 1:00pm
x x Clinic Public Activity Contact: Lucy Velez
Appointments - Veronica, 333-157-9472
Intercam Bank 10:00am  - 1:00pm x x x x x Ticket Sales Area Public Information on banking concerns
Activity Contact: Yuray Rivero
Lakeside Broker 11:00am  - 2:00pm x x South Campus Classroom Public MetLife: insurance services for health, auto, home, etc.
Activity Contact: Edgar Cedeno

Learn & Share

Description Time M T W T F S S Where Who Comments
Being Love & Bliss Meditation 9:30 am  - 10:30am x Ken Gosh Pavilion Members Join a guided meditation for developing the ability to Be Love, and to help develop peace, forgiveness and happiness in the world.
Activity Contact: Jeanette Monosoff
Children's Art Open to all children
5 and under must be accompanied by an adult
10:00am  - 12:00pm
x South Campus Patio Public
Activity Contact: Danielle Page
Children's Art Camp SUMMER 2024 - TBA x x x x x x Gazebo & Art Mural Patio Public
Registration required for all children. Registration forms available at the Saturday Art Classes.
Activity Contact: Danielle Page
Children's Chess Club 12:00pm  - 2:00pm   x South Campus Patio Public Teach boys & girls to play chess. All ages. Parents welcome.
Activity Contact: Roy Quiriconi
Roberto Serrano, 449-155-7538
Children's English/Spanish Class 12:00pm  - 1:00pm   x South Campus Patio Public Bilingual class for children wanting to learn English and those wanting to learn Spanish. The teaching tool is the book titled Chip the Monk. Exercises are carried out using both languages.
Activity Contact: Joy Hurtado
Discussion Group 12:00pm  - 1:30pm x Wilkes Centre Members Topics cover politics, current events, and interesting research in science and social science. Participants take 2 minutes to address each topic.
Activity Contact: John Henry,
English/Spanish Conversation 12:00pm  - 1:30pm x Ken Gosh Pavillion Public A conversational group for intermediate Spanish/English speakers to practice their second language speaking and listening in an informal environment. This group is focused on communication in a second language and not grammatical purity.
Activity Contact: Phillip Rylett,
Español en Action (Spanish in Action) Check web page for days / times x x on CAMPUS Members See See Spanish Classes web page for description and enrollment.
Activity Contact: Victor Camarena
Everyday Mindfulness 10:30am  - 12:00pm x Ken Gosh Pavilion Members Exploring mindfulness in daily life through readings and practice.
Activity Contact: Barbara Hildt, 376-766-4164
Hot Science CONTACT RICHARD CLARKE for information Members Breaking news in science and technology
Activity Contact: Contact Richard Clarke, 376-765-6976
Introduction to Lakeside Consult LCS web Home page for dates, times and on-line registration. on CAMPUS and ZOOM Members For new LCS members to learn about lakeside living. Registration required and cost.
Activity Contact: Victor Camarena
Introduction to Spanish 10am  - 12pm
1st, 2nd, 3rd Thursdays
x Sala Members See Spanish Classes web page for description and enrollment.
Activity Contact: Victor Camarena
LCS Educational Programs Check Web Home Page for details and on-line registration. TBD Members Activity Contact: Victor Camarena
Learn to Knit 10:00 am  - 11:30am x Blue Umbrella Patio Members Learn to knit in 4 steps and be on your way to make scarves, hats, sweaters and more. Materials are provided.
Activity Contact: Judith Krenn
Mudlarks Pottery Introduction to Ceramics Consult the LCS Office for schedule South Campus Members Suspended until further notice — there is no waiting lst!
Mudlarks Pottery Open Studio 10:00am  - 2:00pm x x South Campus Members IMPORTANT: must have completed the Introduction to Ceramics class. Sign up. Cost for monthly lab fees, clay.
Activity Contact: Jennifer Johnson
Programa de Fotografía Juvenil For ages 12-18 years. Limited to eight students.Students must register, and there is a cost.
Email for schedule
South Campus Classroom Public Introduction to photography techniques and the camera with expansion to more advanced concepts of photography and the camera as the course progresses. Weekly participation is expected.
Activity Contact: Michael Searles, +1-508-380-6383
Spanish a la Carta Check web page for days / times x ZOOM Members See See Spanish Classes web page for description and enrollment.
Activity Contact: Victor Camarena
Tech Help Desk Via Email N/A Members Email your questions to
Activity Contact: Mike Goss, 333-409-1847
TED Talks 12:30pm  - 1:45pm x TBD Members View a TED Talk and discuss the idea that was shared. A wide variety of topics will be included: personal development, climate change, artificial intelligence, and more. Open to LCS members only.
Activity Contact: John Henry
Rex Gale
Dee Dee Camhi
Dee Dee Camhi
UFO Café Discussion GRoup 1:30pm  - 2:30pm
Every 3rd Tuesday
x Neill James Sala Members Stimulating topics on alien life and perceived or real sightings here in Mexico and the Lake Chapala area.
Activity Contact: Sharon Brooks,
Write-To-A-Prompt 10:00am  - 12:00pm x Ken Gosh Pavilion Members A drop in writer's group. Writers are given 45 minutes to write on a given prompt/topic. This is followed by time to read and share the writings.
Activity Contact: Michael Koch, 766-0083,

Legal & Info Services

Description Time M T W T F S S Where Who Comments
Becerra Immigration 10:30am  - 12:30pm x Blue Umbrella Patio Public Legal advice, legal services for immigration & naturalization.
Activity Contact: Alvaro Becerra
cell 333-201-3123
Solbes & Solbes Second Monday, 10:00am  - 12:00pm x Blue Umbrella Patio Public Legal assistance in civil, family and criminal matters. Everything related to wills, divorces and all kinds of matters.
Activity Contact: Nieves & Diego Solbes

Tickets and Other Sales

Description Time M T W T F S S Where Who Comments
Cultural Events Ticket Booth 10:00am  - 12:00pm x x x x x Ticket Booths Public This is the place to get tickets for some of the finest events in the Lakeside Area. Check the daily schedule to see when tickets for particular events will be sold.

Service, Social and Support Groups

Description Time M T W T F S S Where Who Comments
AA Women's Meeting Tuesday 4:00pm  - 5:00pm x SC Lakeside Patio Public AA meeting for women. Activity Contact: Julie Weber, 1-951-970-9078
Al-Anon Spanish Monday 6:00pm  - 7:30pm
Wednesday 5:30 - 7:30 pm
x x SC Lakeside Patio Public Activity Contact: Ericka Murillo, 331-444-3253
Caregivers of Spouses With Dementia Support Group Tuesday 11:00am  - 12:30pm
x Sala Public Activity Contact: Cathey Merrill, 713-253-3537
Lakeside AA Monday, Thursday 4:00pm  - 5:00pm x x Gazebo Public Activity Contact: Tim Mize
LCS Information Desk 10:00am  - 2:00pm x x x x x x Information Public
Needlepushers 10:00am  - 11:45am x SC Back Patio Closed Needlepushers has been at Lakeside since 1962. We make vests and dresses for primary children, and distribute them in time for Easter plus knitted sweaters in November. Our dues are $100 pesos for snowbirds & $200 pesos for year-round members. This entitles you to yarn, patterns and all supplies. Come and join a great group of members. We all learn from each other and enjoy the company. Activity Contact: Jean Melnyk,
Open Circle Presentation 10:30am  - 11:30am
See Open Circle Web site for schedule and ADVANCE REGISTRATION.
x Back Lawn, Gazebo, NJ Patio Public Activity Contact: Claudina González
Ranch Adoption Day 10:00am  - 12:00pm
First Wednesday each month
x West Campus Patio Public Lakeside's oldest dog shelter. Information available on fostering, adopting and volunteering. Dogs here are available for adoption.
Activity Contact: Christina Bennett
Toastmasters 7:00pm  - 9:00pm x Sala Public Fostering personal growth through improved communication skills and leadership. Meetings on the 1st and 3rd Mondays are in Spanish; on the 2nd and 4thMondays they are in English.
Activity Contact: Sarana Donaldson,
+1 814-715-4257 via WhatsApp